Critical Thinking and Writing Assignment

Please answer the three questions as an individual even though it mentions "groups":

Specific Requirements : Papers should be a minimum of 750 words (approx. 3 pages) A bibliography of at least four (4) citations must be provided on a separate page submitted with the assignment. The textbook must be one of the citations, with page numbers included. Do not use Wikipedia for legal references because the information is often inaccurate. Points will be deducted if you do. Use legal texts, journals, resources, our textbook, etc. References may be footnoted – at the bottom of the page using numbers. Do not list just webpage addresses. The title of what is being referenced must be shown. (These references should also appear in the Bibliography) Strong readability (this means correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, written in a research-style not as a conversation, etc.) Please note: Personal, opinion-based discussions and those that read like a conversation with a peer (using “I”, “you” and “we”) are not acceptable. Write using the third person – like the text book. Please Remember: The more research, writing, and analysis provided by the student increases the possibility for earning more points. TurnitIn will be used to screen for plagiarism from other students, textbook material, and/or other outside sources. All materials borrowed from other sources must be referenced via footnotes.


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