Culture, Norms, Values & Beliefs, Sanctions and Cultural Change

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In order to participate in the discussion board you need to know about the terms and concepts listed above.  Read in your textbook and watch the presentations in your Learn section.

Technological advances change society, which then changes the culture.  Culture consists of the shared norms, values, beliefs and customs to which people subscribe.

Sanctions are a form of social control and they enforce cultural norms.  Sanctions can be formal (such as laws, fines, prison, etc.) or they can be informal (such as looks of disapproval, scolding, gossip, labeling, etc.)

For this week’s discussion, talk about a specific technology that has changed our everyday culture.  Identify the cultural norms, practices and behaviors that go along with that technology. Be specific in your description, and also talk about the formal or informal sanctions that enforce these cultural norms.

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