Current Trends and Isuues

please find the attached documents for the assignment.
Please choose any emerging innovation and before you write please let me know the topic. gimme 2 or three emerging technology .I will choose one and then you work on it.Please give examples also for it.Thank You.Please use the best chart also to describe.
1. List the five trends.
2a. If you have a non-primary source use the 5 Ws and H attachment here.
Start your review like this with reference in the APA style this is an example under Content. Note: A primary source (academic journal) is in italics. You do not need a title page, place your name and date with a 100% correct reference such as:

Example of a reference
Mayer, R. E. (2004). Should there be a three-strikes rule against pure discovery learning? American
Psychologist, 59(1), 14-19.
You chose a primary source (related to business and IT) and answer the questions found in the attachment. Try to limit it to no more than four pages. Remember, new research (within 3 or 4 years or so)! It might be related to a new trend or issue…the new trend or issue is in response to the need established in the prior research. And it may not be a primary source which is alright if it is an article on NEW trend/issue.
Some help
Some Technology trends 2017!5115!3!174895055692!p!!g!!technology%20and%20innovation&ef_id=WBnsFwAAAa1xSHfC:20170129134232:s
List the trend and/or issue 1. highest, 2. next highest, and so on…

One of these might be what you review in a formal research journal article week 4 (due).
Use the 5Ws + H.
Here is the general format:

What-   What is the trend or issue?
Why – Is it important or essential to know or use?
Who – whom is affected, who is it designed or manufactured for?
Where – Access and/or context?
When – Are there certain times for use and/or certain conditions present?
How – Skill sets needed, training, etc., be explicit.
Other –  Is there a problem it addresses?  Whom/What is causing the problem?  Why is it a problem?  Whom/What is affected by it? What are the goals for improvement?


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