Cyber resilience, reinforcement learning and network defense

Hello there, This is a thesis literature review in computer science so writing needs to be very technical and specif to the computer science field.
My literature review have 3 main parts (Big titles), which are :
Before talking about the details of each part I will Upload around 10 papers that need to be used as references in each section. each paper talks about a specific subject, and need to be used in this research, also please add any source that will help you write the paper but please make sure that the papers you will add are relevant and good papers.(Please use quotes)
The first part will be about Cyber resilience for this part you need to talk about resilience in computer science : how to protect, how to prevent , attacks , defenses , how to react against certain attacks (please make sure to break down this section in smaller parts), I actually wont upload papers concerning this first big title so make sure to find and use good papers/ peer reviewed articles and published journals please.
The second part will be about REINFORCEMENT LEARNING for this part I will upload research papers for it but also can use additional ones if needed. In this part you need first to talk about reinforcement learning in general, and also about reinforcement learning in some computer fields(i uploaded papers for it) and also in networks which is the main focus. also please break this part into smaller titles (Please be very specific in this part , put examples pictures experimentation, research as this part is very important).
For the last part MOVING TARGET DEFENSE you need to first talk about network attacks defenses techniques used and after talk about moving target defense in networks (What is it , techniques , solution …) : I will upload papers that will help you a lot with the writing and that need to be used.
Please don`t forget to add pictures tables to support the writing in each part, I will also set up the progressive delivery so we can communicate everyday and make changes if possible.
Please this is a thesis review so be very organized in each part and lemme know if you have any suggestions.


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