Identify a major research topic and research problem related to the field of cybersecurity. Specifically, students will:
Distinguish the research topic from the research problem.
Provide justification of the chosen research topic and problem.
Identify the most essential and preeminent sources of research to support their chosen topic and problem.
Ascertain the major purpose of the research project and associate research questions with the research problem. Specifically, students will:
Craft an accurate purpose statement that reflects the major intention of the research project.
Identify at least one major research question that is both aligned with the purpose statement in word and intent, and directly addresses the research problem.
Construct a comprehensive Statement of the Problem section, complete with justifications of the research problem, and identification of current gaps in research. Specifically, students will:
Write a comprehensive Introduction that includes an effective narrative hook, the purpose statement, and research questions.
Advance the research topic by developing a Justification of the Problem section which elucidates the major justifications of the chosen research topic, using primary sources of literature in support of these justifications.
Identify the research gaps that currently exist in the primary research related to the research problem by crafting a Gaps in Current Research section.
Clarify the audience for the capstone project by developing a brief Defining the Audience section.


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