Data Analysis

Application: The Ethical Use of Data and Information
Selecting the most ethical behavior is often not a simple decision between right and wrong. Usually the situation is much more complicated, with potential negative and positive consequences resulting from any decision. Most people would say they would make the ethical choice, but most situations are usually not either black or white. In addition, when making difficult decisions, managers should take into account the emotions and feelings of those involved, but these should not be the driver of all decisions. Care must be taken that emotions are not hijacking reasoning. For the Application this week, you will examine a case study in which an ethical dilemma occurs. The individuals attempt to determine a correct or “ethical” course of action. You will use the case study, “The Dark Side of Customer Analytics” in this week’s Resources. In 2-3 pages address the following: (Each section is a multi-part section)
1.    How can these companies leverage the customer data responsibly and ethically?
•    What ethical issues are raised by the situation in the case study?
•    For ShopSense?
•    For IFA? 2.    How might each organization structure the agreement to: •    Provide value from the data — for IFA, for ShopSense and for the Customers
•    Avoid the ethical problems you identified.
You may use the opinions given at the end of the case study as a reference, but you must formulate your own response with your own reasoning.

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