Data Visualization

Student Learning Objectives: Students will use internet resources to collect data about computing hardware (computers, tablets and phablet combinations). Students will use Data visualization techniques (some type of a graph) to display the data to support a hardware purchase recommendation.

Student Task: You are asked to recommend a computing hardware purchase for college bound friends; Ron and Susan.

• Find data about computers, tablets and tablet-phone combinations; from 3 online vendors. (Example: Best Buy,
• Display your data for speedy and actionable insight. Some factors to include are: Power – ports – compatibility – features (keyboard, number key pad, screen size) –footprint – cost – warranty (these would be the columns in your spreadsheet).
• Include a decision as to which computing device(s) you will recommend to your “friends”. BUDGETS: Ron has $1100 to spend and Susan has $450 to spend.
• Send a copy of your recommendations and supporting Excel spreadsheet to our class D2L_BRIGHTSPACE drop box under Assignment #4 Data Visualization.


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