Death Penalty to the Joker

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1) Consider the purpose of punishment as expressed in one of the essays (van den Haag or Bedau). Given that conception of punishment, was Batman wrong or right in his response to the Joker in Joker the End Game (Comic)

2) Consider the main benefit of the death penalty as argued by van den Haag. Would this suggest that the Joker ought to be sentenced to death?

3) Many of Bedau’s reasons for arguing against the death penalty do not apply to the Joker (for example there is no element of racial unfairness in the Joker stories, and it is clear that the Joker has committed murders, there is no doubt of that, etc). What might be the best case that we could mount against sentencing the Joker to death. (If you want to use his insanity, you must also consider his inability to be restrained in Arkham (or any other) facilities.)

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