Define and understand race and race relations, public policy and even American politics

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  1. What role has race played with influencing the creation of policy?
  2. Is there an institutional advantage attached to any particular race?
  3. What are examples of those advantages?
  4. Were these advantages formulated over time? How so?
  5. Historically, how have people organized and rebelled in order to affect changes in policy to more progressive terms?
  6. How does history help example the existence of a white spatial imaginary?
  7. What about the black spatial imaginary? How do the bands War, El Chicano, and Tierra affect these spatial imaginaries?
  8. How does Professor use Professor Lipsitz’ spatial theories to discuss space and place in Los Angeles?
  9. What was the Sleepy Lagoon Case and how did it relate to the discussion of spatial entitlement?
  10. How do Charlotta Bass, and at least one other discussed in Johnson’s book, combat black immobilization?
  11. What would be one way you could suggest people combat this type of social immobilization in the 21st century? (i.e. LGBTQ, anti-racism, anti-poverty, etc.)

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