Define NURSING Care Issue

Quality improvement is an important issue in professional nursing today. In Milestone 1, the student will define a nursing care issue (not a workforce issue such as staffing) from a current or former workplace or clinical setting that could be impacted by improved quality. The student will then provide details about this issue, as well as explain the reason this issue was selected.

My Textbook for this course is:
Sherwood, G., & Barnsteiner, J. (2012). Quality and safety in Nursing: A competency approach to improving outcomes. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell.

(Always good to reference the textbook IF the subject applies please)

This is MILESTONE 1 of the course. There will be 2 additional assignments that will BUILD off of this assignment. I would like to choose a topic that will allow for plenty of research and discussion.

The assignment MUST be completed please on the document I have attached. The KOLEGO_NR392 Milestone1.doc. That is the format we are expected to use.

I am unsure of the requested length of the assignment. If you feel more than 2 pages are necessary, please let me know, and I am happy to purchase another page for the required information


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