Defining Quality Assignment

Identify the 3 ways to measure medical quality(I have found the answer for this part) and briefly describe the relationships among them( I need help answering this part).

The 3 ways to measure medical quality is structure, process and outcomes. Based on the textbook, the three ways to measure medical quality is structure, process and outcome. The process of care is a set of activities that go on within and between practitioners and patients (Spath, 2003). Structure is defined as the relatively stable characteristics of the providers of care, of the tools and resources they have at their disposal, and of organizational settings in which they work (Spath, 2003). Outcome is defined as a change in a patient’s current and future health status that can be attributed to antecedent healthcare (Spath, 2003)

2. Define quality management (I answered this part). Explain how Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality improvement (QI) are part of Quality Management (I need help answering this part).

Quality management seeks to improve effectiveness of treatments and increase patient satisfaction with the service (Sarkissian, 2017).
A quality assurance (QA) approach is focused on the outputs of a process. Products are inspected after they are produced, and imperfect products are discarded (Spath, 2003). Quality assurance in healthcare means giving patients the best quality of care.
A quality improvement approach, also referred to as continuous quality improvement, is focused on the ongoing improvement of processes as a way to improve the quality of the outputs (Spath, 2003). In healthcare, there is always room for improvements. The improvements that can be made is focus on patients.


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