Depression boy

Depression boy Subject: Psychology
Read the book “Ti’s kind of a funny story” first.
o Provide only a brief plot summary of the book (be careful not to make the paper a book review) o Provide a description of the child
– mental status, personality features, relationships, behavior problems, strengths o Determine which DSM-IV diagnosis, if any, for which the child meets the criteria
– provide examples from the movie about how the character meets the diagnosis o Conduct a differential diagnosis
– explain how some of the symptoms of the character might be part of another diagnosis, but why the character actually does not have that diagnosis.
o Explain the ecology the child lives in based on Bronfrenbrenner?s Ecological Model – discuss at least 1 relevant factor from 3 different areas of influence
o Discuss factors of resiliency – what are some of the protective factors that have helped this character develop to the level
that she/he has

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