Describe the purpose of a clinical ladder model in a health care institution

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  1. Who should you include on the committee to review the model, and why (rationale)?
  2. Identify some of the issues that you want the committee to review and address as part of its charge to revise the model
  3. Who or whom will make the final decision about the recommended revisions to the model, and why?
  4. What barriers to change do you anticipate and why? What opportunities do you anticipate and how will these facilitate the change?
  5. Describe in outline format what you believe an effective and economically feasible clinical ladder model would look like.
  6. What organizational, policy or staff development changes will be associated with the proposed change?
  7. What timeline would you allow for this change to be made- from the initial committee meeting to date for implementation?
  8. How will you know whether the revised model is an improvement? What outcome measures will you employ to learn the answers?


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