Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria

Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria
PowerPoint presentation. Complete the Introductory slide for the PowerPoint Presentation
Submission Requirements:  Microsoft Word Document  Size: 12-pt.  Font: Times New Roman  Length: Minimum of 2 pages  Line Spacing: Single-Spaced  Executive Summary containing the following Sections: o Project Introduction o Standards and Codes  Cable Standards and Codes  Building Standards and Codes Due: Week 2 Grading Weight: 5%
PowerPoint presentation?  Did you create the first introductory slide for the PowerPoint presentation?  Did you use proper formatting, grammar, and spelling?
Part 2 Project Part 2 Cable Infrastructure and Procedures Submission Requirements: Using the Project Plan provided by your supervisor (accessed from the Unit 2 Study Lesson), the Executive Summary sections that were created for the Part 1 of the Project, and templates you created in Part 1 of the Project, you will design the cable infrastructure for the basement where the Telecommunications equipment, Network equipment, and cable reside. Parameters for the design such as the size of the building, Computer and Servers, Cable, and Network Equipment requirements are provided in the Overall Project Plan provided by your supervisor.
You will also designate the cable Equipment, and fiber segments for installation in the basement where the Telecommunications equipment, the Network equipment
Your instructor will use the following points for evaluating your performance in this assessment:  Did you add to the Executive Summary Document?  Did you describe the components required for the Installation of the basement cable structure and the

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