Development of Human Sexuality

Paper Goal: Examine factors that influence the development of human sexuality; including biological sex, gender identity and roles, sexual orientation, and the relationships between these terms.

Your paper will include the following sections.
• Introduction: Identify the primary topics covered in the paper as well as introduce the application of the concepts to real life examples and observations. Include a brief overview and strong thesis statement for your overall paper.
• Literature Review and Application: The main body of your paper will include a review of current re-search, theories, and models related to the topic using multiple scholarly sources. Based on the review of literature you will select items that relate to your field observations and media examples. Analyze the observations/examples you have found as they pertain to the research, theories, and terms used within human sexuality. Synthesize the pertinent research literature and consider how this information relates the specific topics outlined below.
• Conclusion and Summary: Summarize main themes, key points, insights and conclusions resulting from your investigation of the topics for this paper. Tie in content covered throughout paper to your thesis statement included in the introduction.
(It is recommended you use the bolded “Section” names above as your headings within your own paper to or-ganize the content you present.)
Project Details & Requirements
To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:
1. Research topics associated with the content area above. Your text will be a great starting point for you and can be used as one of your sources. The text should not be the primary source used. Using the Baker Library as well as other credible, scholarly sources, you will research the factors, terms, theories, models, and approaches associated with the content above.
2. Conduct field observations, find media and experiential examples of cases that relate to the topics covered in the paper. Ensure you clearly note sources of observations so you can describe them and cite sources (media sources will be cited). Examples should be appropriate for a scholarly paper. If real life examples are used, the identity of the people in the example should not be clear to the reader. This includes the use of any personal examples. Examples need to be written in a neutral way, and you will not use the first person (I, me, my) in your writing for this paper.
– Suggested field sites for observations: malls, sports bar/restaurants, workplace, college campus, community or church events, or any place where a significant number of people are gathered and in-teracting.
– Films and other media can also provide good sources of case examples related to the topics.
3. Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations of APA 6th edition.
• APA formatted paper with a Title Page, Body of Paper (with headings separating sections), and References
• Font – Times New Roman, 12 pt double spaced
• 1 inch margins
• Body of paper should be at least 3 pages
• Separate each section with a descriptive heading
• Minimum of 3 scholarly references required.
• Citations and references will be in APA format. In text citations and end of assignment refer-ences must be used to clearly identify the sources of information both within the actual paper as well as in the final reference list


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