Dietary Analysis report

You will prepare a report comparing the group results to the appropriate UK Dietary Reference Values for energy and the selected nutrients.
Your report should be word processed and include the following sections:
Reference List

You will need to consider points such as:
• An appropriate title for the report
• Appropriate style and presentation of results
• Raw data and analysed data
• Appropriate statistical analysis of the data
• Appropriate sub-headings and titles for tables, graphs etc.
• Selection of correct Dietary Reference Values
• Always reference the source of information you include in the report


Background information (MUST use references)

Explain to the reader:
What are DRVs?
Why are DRVs important and how do they influence the body?
What methods can be used to collect dietary intake?

The introduction ends with an AIM (one sentence).

The AIM is the reason for the particular experiment – what do you hope to show?
An example: The aim of this study is to find out if the first year students have met the guidelines and balanced intake of meal for a healthy development and growth.

Methodology: No References . Make it clear and easy to read.
The methods section should be clear and detailed enough for another experienced person to repeat the research and reproduce the results.
Write in the past tense
Do not use the present tense: I, we, they, she, he
Past tense: The subject completed a 24 hour food diary

Write about the dietary data of the forty-three respondents, thirty females and thirteen males of 1st year UG students were collected using a 24 hour dietary recall method. Their dietary intake is compared to the Dietary Reference value (DRV), recommended in the United Kingdom.

Present and describe the results in a systematic and detailed way consisting of tables and figures – I already did the tables and graphs, you need to copy and paste them and you need to write more for the figures under each graph. Also for the second table

Add literatures and USE APA references please.
Evaluate your findings and interpret your results
Show that you are thinking critically
Compare your findings to previous literature
The discussion section of the report will cover issues such as:
• What do the results mean?
• Explain each graph and compare it to the DRVs
• Based on the data- are the diets of your tutor group meeting the recommendations to maintain health (males and females)?
• Could you suggest any improvements to improve their diets?
• What are the uses and limitations of the methods you have used to determine the nutrient intake of your seminar group?

Did you meet your aims?
What were the strengths of your study?
What were the limitations of your study?

Summarise and bring together the main areas covered in the writing, which might be called ‘looking back’

Give a final comment or judgement on this. The final comment may also include making suggestions for improvement and speculating on future directions.

Reference List:
A list of references for all the citations you have used in the report
Check the style

I hope this clarify.



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