differentiate sound in music

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The first video features Chris Thile playing in a more traditional “bluegrass” style, while the third video shows Thile playing a piece by Bach (originally written for violin) in a more “classical” style. Both videos show the same musician on the same instrument, but playing in two different styles or “genres.” How do you hear his playing style differ between the two videos? Are there elements you can identify that make each of these videos sound different? What characteristics of the sound might lead you to say that each piece belongs to a certain kind of genre?
Here are some additional questions you might consider to guide your response to the main questions above:
Is the pulse more consistent in one playing style than the other?
Does one have a recognizable form to you? Can you identify a recurring theme or melody?
How does each make you feel? Does one make you want to move more, does one feel like it has a different kind of emotional resonance?



Video links:


D’Addario: Chris Thile Performs Jessamyn’s Reel on Mandolin



Chris Thile, E Major Prelude РBACH & friends РMichael Lawrence Films (watch up until the Prelude finishes at 3:22


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