Media Analysis instructions

Because it’s often assumed that people with disabilities are unhealthy, they are often left out of discussions and topics focused on health for the general population. Your task in this assignment is to look at how the article speaks about health and how the article’s context can apply to people with disabilities, even though it is not stated in the article itself.

You are to select one of the health-related articles available on Blackboard. You will then answer the following questions in relation to this article:

How is this article related to health as we have discussed it throughout the course of the semester? (When answering this question, refer to lectures relating to how health is defined and conceptualized).
What course unit and topic(s) does this article most relate to, and why? Provide support for your ideas using course materials including lecture notes and course readings. (Units are: health promotion, accessibility, policy, cultural/social, or advancing through the life course)
How might the article’s content, as written, impact people with disabilities?
How could you incorporate disability into the article? If the author were to incorporate your changes, how would the article be different?
Give an example of how an environment or context (that you propose) would impact how we understand or perceive disability related to the course unit or topic.
Given what you have learned in this course, please draft a hypothetical email to the author explaining the importance of including people with disabilities in health-related content and why.

Please keep in mind the following:

Responses for each question should be between 150-300 words. Please list the question and reflect on the answer below. There will be 6 short answer responses and while this paper is not a research paper, there should be an argument within each response.
The paper should be 12 point Times New Roman font and double spaced. Margins should be 1” and no larger.
Please include a cover page.
Please make sure to cite your work and use a reference page.


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