Discuss how Chopin uses Calixta and Louise to address the status of women and raise issues about gender, marriage, desire, and the constraints of social propriety?

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  1. Discuss the relativity of the issues that Chopin raises to contemporary society and social norms?
  2.  Describe the ‘realistic’ elements and the ‘naturalistic’ elements that exist in both works.
  3. London: In London’s naturalistic short story “To Build a Fire” the unnamed protagonist finds himself alone in a harsh natural setting that tests his capacity to survive. But what is the central conflict that has landed the ‘man’ in his predicament in the first place?
  4.  Is it a conflict between man and nature,
  5.  A conflict between the youth and confidence of the protagonist and the wisdom and experience of the ‘old timer from Sulpher Creek,’
  6.  An internal conflict between the man’s ego and his common sense,
  7.  Or some combination of the three?
  8. Discuss how Bierce’s use of dream, vision, and/or altered perception affects the realism of “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.” Support your response with specific evidence from the text.
  9.  Louisa goes against the grain of women in her time in different ways. Explain how/why she does so and what Freeman is saying about the role of women in her culture.  Don’t ignore the significance of the story’s title in your response.
  10.  In the story “Roman Fever” discuss the point of friction that exists between Alida and Grace;
    A) Of all the characters referenced who are the monsters;
    B) Describe what Wharton is trying to accomplish with the story (what is her point).

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