Discussion Board Assignment

1:1 Discussion: AONE’s Competencies of Nurse Executives
Referring to AONE’s Competencies of Nurse Executives – identify a competency as you see as your strength, with exemplar. Identify a competency you see as a development need and identify a strategy you will employ to attain competency.
Instructions: Apply Reflection, application with exemplar and resources.

1:2 Discussion: Leadership Standards and Expectations
Review Joint Commission’s Standards on Leadership, as well as an organizational job description of a nurse executive.

Based on your observations or involvement – provide an exemplar of a time a nurse leader played a valuable role as a member of an inter-professional health care team in in advocating for improvements in organizational processes, standards of care, policy, patient safety or quality of care.

Reference Joint Commission Leadership Standards in relation to the action and identify whether the action was in accordance with a specified element of the job description or as a professional role.

Instructions: Apply critical thought to an actual or observed experience, reflect, evaluate and support with resources from the literature.


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