DNA Innovators

– Task: academic research paper that examines how some of all the key skills identified by the assigned article that discusses the DNA of innovators have also been experienced by/is also evident in the young innovator you are assigned. – assigned article: The Innovator’s DNA ( Harvard Business Review, December 2009 ) specifically pages 60-67 ( Use this as a primary resource)

– assigned innovator: Cappaert, Jeroen ( Co-Founder of spire )
company website: https://spire.com//

– research question: How does the content of the assigned article is also evident in the assigned innovator? Are there other qualities that have not been identified by the assigned article that are also significant to the success of the innovator ? – Helpful question: 1- what background information should be included in this paper? 2- what additional support material can be used to develop this paper? 3- what qualities have been identified in successful innovators ? 4- how are these qualities exhibited by the assigned innovator ? 5- what additional qualities have been exhibited by the assigned innovator ? 6- what conclusion can be drawn for analyzing the innovator using the assigned article as starting point as well as the other resources used for this paper?


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