Project description Dq-4-Terence Write (use 150 words for all for each discussion questions) for discussion questions, and summary what you think about each question, please have example in the paper for each discussions questions. Also please have the questions in Bold on the paper and then put the information up under it. Please use (8) references from (2011-2014) in the paper and on the reference page. Paper must be 100% plagiarism free, write with your own words. This paper must have a strong introduction with a thesis statement, and a conclusion. Must be 100% plagiarism free (must be written in your own words). I will upload the Plagiarism report to you, must be at 0%. Support your discussion with 10 scholarly references ONLY (peer-reviewed) Dq4.1 (1)Imagine that a researcher has decided to conduct research regarding the 2010 murder of a student at Northern Illinois University. The researcher is trying to explore this murder’s effect on the students, faculty, and parents in light of the fact that this campus was also the site of a shooting spree in 2008. (2)What steps would the researcher implement to carry out your expressed research design? (3)Justify each step. Please some example Dq4.2 (1)Discuss at least three different data-collection methods used in qualitative research. (2) When would they be appropriate? (3)What are the limitations inherent in those methods? Please some example Dq4.3 (1)What are the similarities and differences in data collection when doing grounded theory, case study, or a phenomenological study? You must answer all three. Please some example Q1    Q2    Q3    Q6    Q7    Q8    Q9    Q10    Q12    Q13    Q14    Q15 What is your age?    What is your gender?    When you last studied at university, was it as a traditionally aged student or as an adult?    At the time were you employed full time, part time, or not at all?    Is English your first language?    If not, have you studied at degree level or higher in  English?    How many languages do you speak fluently?    Which country do you most identify with?     In what country do you currently live?    How would you describe your current role?    Does your institution have a strategic plan ?    Does your institution have methods in place to measure achievement of goals? 40-49    Female    Traditionally aged student    Unemployed    Yes        2    England    England    Teacher/lecturer    Yes    Yes 20-29    Female    Traditionally aged student    Unemployed    No    Yes    2    Turkey    Turkey    Teacher/lecturer    Yes    Yes 30-39    Female    Adult    Pat time    No    Yes    3 or More    Cyprus     Cyprus     Teacher/lecturer    Yes    Yes 40-49    Male    Traditionally aged student    Unemployed    Yes        1    england    UAE    Teacher/lecturer    No    No

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