Drill or not to drill

Drill or not to drill Many people are debating how to best meet energy needs in the United States. Some argue that the country must decrease its dependence on oil and invest in alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar power. Others argue that changing to new power sources is unnecessary and expensive. They state that the United States should search for oil in Alaska, the Gulf Coast, and other currently unexplored areas within the country. · Provide an introduction that includes a sufficient background on the topic and previews major points. · State and explain your position on the issue. · Explain the perceptual blocks and habits that hinder thinking when looking at the opposing view . · Describe how to overcome those perceptual blocks and habits that are hindering thinking and explain how thought processes can be manipulated by perception. · Provide a conclusion that is logical, flows from the body of the paper and reviews the major points.  

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