Question Your topic summary and proposed outline of your idea for the paper is due in Module 3 a draft of the paper is due in Module 6 and the final paper is due in Module 9. Here is a checklist that you may find helpful. The objective of the assignment is to demonstrate the application of macroeconomic theory as presented in Arnold to a current topic you have chosen. It is the application of the theory that is important; this is not just a research paper which describes a current situation with some economic features. The selected topic must be one that relates to macroeconomics; that is any of the subjects listed in the Arnold table of contents under macroeconomics for example monetary policy. Micro economic topics and analysis are not acceptable for a macro class. The paper should not be long. Provide enough information and detail on your chosen topic to serve as the basis for economic analysis. The topic must be relatively current; an analysis of some past event is not acceptable. Show how the theory you’ve learned from the course and presented in Arnold applies to or explains the current situation. The analysis need not be complex but must include a written explanation and a graphical analysis similar to those used throughout Arnold. Basically you are just selecting the appropriate tools from Arnold and showing how they apply to a specific situation. Write a short conclusion. This might include some predictions for the future. The paper should include the following: Title page Insert page numbers. A Running Head is fine but not necessary. Abstract not required but OK if desired Table of Contents not required Section Headings strongly encouraged Citations cite all references in the body of the text and in the Reference list. Plagiarism Do not copy text from another author or Web source unless it is quoted. Appendices Not necessary but may be appropriate for raw data. THE US MACROECONOMIC SCENE : An Insight It seems that it is apparent that the current macroeconomics situation in US is bit difficult in numerous ways.The situation relating to employment inflation monetary and fiscal policies has been detrimental to US citizens who have undergone through an trembling economy for a lot of years.When there is enlargement in monetary activity then the affluence will be experienced by a larger number of fiscal entities in addition to industries firms workers owners of capital as well as others. When there is a fall in fiscal activity then the segment of companies?encounters with decrease in production and further sectors of the financial system with the decrease in consumption. Accordingly due to reduced production the companies lay off certain employees or condensed their hours in addition to their wages. These pessimistic trends have an effect on the decline of standard of living as well as excellence of life of inhabitants and augment the deficiency rate which positively represent the most complicated difficulty for each nation. Consequently economists attempt to determine the causes of these affairs (stages) of trade cycles and formulate suggestions concerning what could be done by way of suitable economic policies to tone down such depressing phenomena of depression. Recession ought not to be observed as incident from which there is no way out but as a very severe indicator that point out that the financial system is unhealthy and we ought to take dynamic measures to its quicker recuperation. The fluctuations in economic operations are called economic cycles. The significance of such economic cycle particularly as the recession stage of the economic cycle is vital for the reason that it influences real macroeconomic factors viz. employment productionthe rate of financial development standard of living and quality of life. Fiscal and Monetary policy makers are keen in the motives that actually augment recession in addition to suitable economic policies that will be pointed out for reducing the downside effects plus the outcomes on the U.S. financial system resulting due to the recession. Within this essay theoretical approach is explained to economic cycles as well as recession as all its levels as well as the affect of recession on US economy plus on real macroeconomic variables. Outline for Research paper 1. Introduction 2. Some basic theories of Macro Economics 3. The Whole Circumstances : Basic Cause i. Overflow of Credit 4. After effects i. Unemployment Inflation & GDP 5. Keynesian analysis 6. Behavioral economics Paradox of Thrift 7. Macro approach of Classical Economists 8. The Move Beyond. 9. Expansive fiscal policy 10.Conclusion

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