ECONOMICS presentation.

"Each group comprising four/five students will choose one of the topics below and prepare a Powerpoint or Prezzi for presentation. The presentation aims at analysing a microeconomic issue and will last about 10 minutes."

TOPIC: According to news reports, world prices of primary commodities have remained volatile over the past decade. Compare the trends in two commodities of your choice over the past five years and analyse the causes of such trends.
1.Provide graphs showing how the price of each of your commodities has changed over the past 5 years.

2.Identify significant changes/trends in the price
3.For each of these:
1.What are the changes in demand that have caused the price to change?
2.What are the changes in supply that have caused the price to change?
3.Use supply & demand diagrams to show how these changes have led to a change in price
Good presentations will:
•Recognize that each change in price may be caused by many different changes in both supply and demand
•Consider & explain how elasticity of both supply and demand have contributed to the price changes
•Use credible data and academic research to provide evidence for the points you make
Don’t forget to state the source of any data and include a final slide showing all your references.

The specific learning outcomes for this contributory assessment are as follows:
· Apply knowledge of relevant concepts and models to economic issues
· Analyse (break down issues and comment) on information with graphs, tables, statistical data and other supporting evidence
· Weigh up /compare supporting evidence to theory and present own ideas/ add or voice or position


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