Effectiveness of instructor communication skills on students' satisfaction

This is a research project I did. I was trying to see any correlation between instructor’s communication skills in an online class and its effect on student’s satisfaction. This was a survey. 15 participants. I used SPSS to compute data (results attached here). Please make sure only communication and effectiveness is incorporated in this papers, nothing else.

– Consolidated Research Project Paper –MUST BE AT LEAST 6-7 paragraphs.
You must have each of sub-headings below: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion

I will provide Peer-Reviewed articles

Grading rubric:
Identified the target audience ___(5 pts)
Identified the appropriate research methods principles
Introduction ___(10 pts)
Methods ___(15 pts)
Results ___(15 pts)
Conclusion ___(10 pts)
Link with and extend beyond class/text material are appropriate with project ___(5 pts)
Refer to at least 1 one more relevant peer reviewed article(s) ___(10 pts)


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