Effects of Temporary foreign worker programs in Canada

Your assignment will be judged by the following criteria (Follow each one very carefully!!):
0) A working title
1) Thesis: a clearly defined proposition – something you intend to demonstrate or prove in your paper. You need to make it very clear! What are you researching and why? Use the sentence like”My thesis is…”, ” In this paper, I want to argue…” For example: Temporary foreign worker programs in Canada have negative effects (shortcomings) to Canada. 
2) The development of a coherent argument in support of the thesis. For example, temporary foreign workers can drag the wage levels down. You can also talk a little about are there good OR bad effects on temporary foreign workers’ home country(developing countries). You can talk about the class, race, gender inequalities when they work in Canada.
3) Organization: A clear, logical structure. Use transition sentences between every two paragraphs. Make sure it is coherent!
4) Content: mastery of the data and relevant material and effective use of it in substantiating the thesis
5)Clear Writing: with careful editing and attention to normal scholarly standards. It will help if it is interesting, so use your imagination to present the material.
6) Literature and bibliography: Carefully choose the works related to your subject! The bibliography should be properly listed with the page numbers and the link. You need to make sure that I can find your citation on that page. At least 5 of the 8 academic sources has to be different from the proposal.
7) Relevance: The extent to which the paper addresses a significant issue in understanding some aspect of labour relations and political economy that is consistent with the overall themes of the course(Global Labor Migration).
8) Research: The use of relevant materials and demonstration of a reasonable knowledge of recent work on the subject. In particular, you will be expected to refer to relevant parts of the literature dealing with your topic.


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