EI Personal Reflection

What Makes A Leader? Goleman, D.; Harvard Business Review 2004

Leadership is a complex dynamic. To develop successful leadership skills one must couple the more traditional aspects, such as technical intelligence, drive and perseverance with the “soft skills” of emotional intelligence. As students of business, most of your academic education has focused on the technical knowledge necessary to excel. To further develop your leadership attributes, it’s important to understand and address skills that help you manage the many ways you work with others (relationship management) and understanding what makes you “tick” and how you regulate your own behaviors (self-management skills).
This is assignment has two purposes. The first is to challenge you to take an introspective look at the five elements of emotional intelligence and assert your level of skill and understanding of each, then reflecting on actions you can take to address areas in need of growth or improvement.
The second purpose is to offer your instructors an example of your writing skills (grammatical composition skills) and how you express yourself in a formal, business-oriented written communication.
Although there is no right or wrong answer to the assignment, you will be graded on your grammatical and content composition, which includes how you organize and state your points of view, proper grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and command of your vocabulary. You must write to “your audience” Clearly understand from the statements below who you are writing to and prepare your document accordingly.

You are being evaluated for a promotion into a leadership position.
The Selection Committee has asked each candidate to develop a “reflection paper” on how they perceive their five skill sets of emotional intelligence. The selection committee expects that each candidate will offer an honest assessment of their skills and has expressed that they expect each candidate to have areas in need of development. They are most interested in how each candidate articulates themselves and what the candidate will do to further develop those areas of emotional intelligence that need to be further developed.

Remember that you are selling your skills, knowledge and experiences while discussing those areas that need further development. You want to be the one person selected for this promotion!
You are writing a business letter to the entire Selection Committee. Format and address it appropriately, as a letter to them.


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