Either Memory or Brain Training

You will then write a paper, about 2 pages in length, discussing the following areas:
• What was the design of the study (include any hypotheses)?
• What methods were used?
• What was the goal of the study?
• Discuss the sample (how many participants, demographics, how were they selected, etc.).
• What were the results of the study?
• What conclusions were drawn based on the results?
• Name some limitations of the study.
• What future directions could this research be taken in?
• How could the results/conclusions be applied in a real-world setting?
• Do you think the article is an example of good research? Why or why not?

You will be graded as follows:
1- Select an appropriate article (5 pts)

2- Communicate a clear, compelling argument as to whether or not the research is “good” (5 pts)

3- Include information on each of the required aspects in the instructions (15 pts)
(hypothesis, design, method, goal, sample, results/conclusion, limitations, future directions, etc.)

4- Discuss how results/conclusions could be applied in a real-world context (5 pts)

5- Back up your claims with in-text citations and a reference page (10 pts)

6- The paper is free of formatting and grammatical errors (10 pts)


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