Elements and Principles Assignment

Choose images of artworks made since 1900 that represent each of the elements and principles of design listed below. Compose an outline that explains the relationship between each image and the term.
To access images for this assignment, please make use of these museum collections (this link will take you to the page that you can use to search the collection):
The Elements and Principles of Design are terms that refer to the way images and objects are composed in the visual arts. For this assignment we will use a set of definitions developed by the Education Department at the J. Paul Getty Museum.
Posted on Blackboard you will find two handouts about Formal Analysis, one lists the Elements of Art, and the other lists the Principles of Design. Please use the terms and definitions listed on these worksheets.
-give TWO examples of each term (for color you need four, see below)
-do not use an artwork as an example more than once (you should have 32 different artwork examples)
-all examples need to be made in the 20th or 21st centuries (1900 to the present)
-your explanations need to be a minimum of two complete sentences
This is what each point in the outline should include:
1. THE TERM: the definition
! a. Example 1:
! ! -Artist, Title, Date and Medium, and current location of the work
! ! -Explanation of how this work represents the term (two complete sentences,
! ! minimum)
! b. Example 2:
! ! -Artist, Title, Date and Medium, and current location of the work
! ! -Explanation of how this work represents the term (two complete sentences,
! ! minimum)

Fill out the outline in the order listed below:
Elements of Art
1. Line
2. Shape
3. Forms
4. Space *choose one example representing real, 3-dimensional space, and one example representing the illusion of depth on a 2-dimensional surface
5. Color *for color choose examples to represent each of the following terms:
hue, value, intensity, and one example where you use the color wheel (discussing primary, secondary, intermediate, and/or complementary colors)
6. Texture *choose one example representing actual, tactile texture, and another example representing implied texture (the illusion of texture on a flat surface)
Principles of Art
7. Balance *for balance choose one example that shows symmetrical balance, and for the second, choose an example that shows asymmetrical balance
8. Emphasis
9. Movement
10. Pattern 11. Repetition 12. Proportion 13. Rhythm 14. Variety 15. Unity


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