Embracing discursive paradox:

• Mease, J. J. (2016). Embracing discursive paradox: Consultants navigating the constitutive tensions of diversity work. Management Communication Quarterly, 30, 59 – 83.
write a one-page, single spaced analysis of the article in the form of an Analytical Annotated Bibliography, with special attention to the organizational communication concepts/theories uses to frame the study, the research questions used, methods, findings and limitations.
Contents of this annotated bibliography should reflect your analytical thought/critique (positively and negatively), NOT just summarize/recap what the author wrote. Your goal here is to think about and critically analyze the author’s methodological choices and how these contributed to new insights about the communication phenomenon and theoretical/conceptual frameworks explored in the study.

Use the following headings to organize this one-page, single-spaced document:
APA Citation Copy APA citation to top of the page.
Purpose of Research What communication phenomena were studied? What organizational communication concepts and/or theories were used to frame the study? What gap(s) is the researcher seeking to fill with this study?
Method(s) Used Is the study single or mixed method? What method or methods was used for this study? If mixed methods, how did the methods complement each other to extend understanding of the phenomenon being studied, from your perspective?
Participants Who was interviewed, observed and/or surveyed? How many participants were included? List key details of about the participants, as relevant to the study’s design and goals.
Findings Write a concise, but thorough paragraph summarizing the findings of the study. What was new/novel or the most surprising part of the findings?
Strengths What are the strengths of the design and findings of this study overall? It may help to think about how the findings may have been different if studied quantitatively — or for a mixed methods study, how the use of multiple methods led to deeper insights compared to if only one method had been used. Overall, how did the study extend our knowledge of the organizational communication concepts, practical communication processes, or situational/contextual dynamics (etc.)?
Limitations Drawing on the same issues mentioned in the Strengths section above — conversely, what are the limitations of this article?
General Questions As a student of qualitative methods, what two questions do you have about the methods or findings of this study (researcher’s choices, how methodological choices helped or hindered the findings.) Comments should reflect your own analytical thought based on your readings and class discussions so far.


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