Emergency Department of a mid-level department.

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  1. For patients with billing questions, how would you advise them?
  2. What are the resources you can give this patient related to healthcare costs and/or his insurance coverage?
  3. Describe the significant changes in hospital healthcare during the last 5-10 years.
  4. Are your values to act as an agent for the patient or for the hospital more strongly developed?

    Answer the following questions:

  5. Where do you begin with this project? Who should be involved?
  6. What is some information that you will need before you can offer any suggestions?
  7. Should group decision-making be involved in fiscal decisions such as this one?
  8. Can fiscal decisions be made without value judgments?

    3. Develop a 10-year career plan for yourself, taking into account the constraints of family responsibilities such as marriage, children, educational endeavors, and aging parents. Consider how you envision your future. Recognize the phases of your career and explain your progress to assist in the development of a long-term master plan.

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