Emerging Technologies

You are a junior staff member assigned to the chief information security officer’s (CISO) team in a major medical center. The medical center’s senior leadership recently reviewed plans for changes to the center’s facilities and found that risks associated with the adoption of several new or emerging technologies had not been addressed. To address this planning gap, the hospital’s chief operating officer (COO) has given the CISO two weeks to provide a quick-look evaluation of the risks associated with two of the planned expansion areas that may pose technology problems: moving one or more clinical IT support functions (including both fixed and mobile devices for end users) into a grid and/or cloud computing environment including intelligent building capabilities (sensors, tracking devices, and the associated IT systems) in a new medical office building housing doctor’s offices, clinics, and outpatient services (e.g., labs for blood tests, physical therapy facilities) For this assignment, research and write a short case study (three pages) using one or more articles from the CISO’s emerging technologies reading list. In your case study, you must discuss one of the listed technology problems (a or b above) and include a discussion of the potential risks associated with the technologies discussed in your chosen article. Your case study must also answer the question, how can these technologies be secured?

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