Emerging Technology Summary

You will examine an emerging technology in an area of your interest or relevant to your profession.The submission will take the form of a one-page summary in a graphical format as done in Infographics.

Choice of Emerging Technology

Technology can be interpreted as new emerging technologies (e.g. augmented reality) or can be newtechniques (e.g. gamification) or can be new concepts (e.g. crowdsourcing, digital dexterity, citizendata scientist) or can even be new ways of doing old things (e.g. selling products in Facebook). Youcan either choose a specific tool such as 3D printing or a generic concept (e.g. citizen data scientist)as technology to examine in detail. Your chosen technology cannot be a critique of an industry as awhole or a pioneering technology company. Examples of new technologies that students may wish to select include:

  • Augmented reality
  • Mobile applications
  • Social gaming/gamification
  • The Internet of Things
  • Social media
  • Cloud computing
  • Wearable technologies
  • Robotics
  • 3D printing
  • Futuristic technology (i.e. based on trend maps for different sectors, such as Gartner Hype cycle, Horizon report, Futurism Facebook Page )

Task Summary

Your task is to first select a specific technology. For the chosen technology find out the following and summarise in one page in a graphical format as done in Infographics.

  • What: what is the technology and for what purposes it may be used
  • Who: who might use this new technology
  • When and where: when and where it might be used and how. What types of services may benefit from its use
  • Analysis of the issues and impacts: social benefits and risks of technology use


The submission will take the form of a one-page summary in a graphical format as donein Infographics.

we are choosing Infographswhich is atrendy new way of sharing data and information (e.g. Sensis report findings were presented asinfographs rather than simple text).

There is no word limit as it will vary depending on how you choose to present the information. Think about it as an A4-size poster. Brevity and summary skills would be fundamental for this exercise.

You may also like to cite (i.e. in-text) relevant academic papers to support your argument andfindings. The scholarly journals, conferences and magazines can be used. You may need a mix of journal articles and popular/professional articles aboutyour technology.

Note the citations that informed your submission should be added as a reference in addition to the one-page (A4) summary in infograph style. Essentially it means the PDF document would be at least 2 pages long. Make sure the summary is presented using graphic visualisations and is appealing to the reader.


Assignment Rubric

A full assessment rubric is provided below. You will be assessed based on the following rubric.


Criteria Unsatisfactory (Fail) Satisfactory (Pass) Good (Credit) Very good (DI) Excellent (HD)

of issues &


with social


concepts (15%)


Little evidence of knowledge or understanding of the emerging technology. Extensive confusion about the topic. General or vague comments on emerging technology with little evidence of close understanding of Social informatics. Some confusion about the topic. Commentary on emerging technology refers to specific aspects of Social informatics. No significant confusion about the topic. Commentary on specific aspects of the emerging technology with evidence of close understanding (e.g., examples and cases) of Social informatics. Clear comprehension of the topic. Evidence of careful, broad and deep understanding of the emerging technology to Social informatics. Inconsistencies s and differing information or approaches are noted and accounted for.

style (NB: style

and tone

should be

formal, as if

you were

writing for a

scholarlyaudience.) (5%)


Poor spelling and grammar. Points or arguments relating to the topic are unclear. It is difficult to understand the summary. Does not follow Harvard author date referencing. Some mistakes in spelling and/or grammar; lack of clarity in the writing. Summary is not unified and/or not coherent. Sometimes difficult to understand the summary. Follows Harvard author-date referencing with minor mistakes. Adequate spelling and grammar; summary understandable, unified and coherent. Uses Harvard author-date referencing. Clear presentation of points of view, concisely expressed. Uses Harvard author date referencing. Clear, concise, articulate, and enjoyable to read and eye-catching. Uses Harvard author-date style referencing.

Visual Style

(NB: Style and

visuals should

be formal, as if

you were

presenting to a




Poor use of tool. Unclear presentation, difficult to understand & read. Topic emphasis flawed. Hard to read, too fast transition Poorer use of tool. Lack of clarity in the presentation, no outline. Some flaws in topic discussions. Hard to read, too fast transition. Good use of tool. Clear presentation with good outline and signposting and legible. Some flaws in issues presentation. Good use of tool with signs of expertise. Clear presentation of issues, concise and enjoyable and legible. Excellent use of tool with clear, concise and enjoyable presentation. Attractive visuals with clear signposting. Simply enjoyable, legible and informative.


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