EN 209 ? Fall 2014 Essay Assignment Savage Indians.

Question the assignment for a Essay of 1250-1500 words on Mary Rowlandson Captivity. EN 209 ? Fall 2014 Essay Assignment Savage Indians. An inhospitable wilderness. A wrathful deity. Captivity. Madness. The pressures of a new nation. The texts of the European colonies in the new world and of the New Republic might have differed in form but in a fundamental way they address the fears of a new colony and nation. During these first few weeks we have such genres as the captivity narrative the gothic the sermon and the political essay. For your midterm grade you will write an essay (1000-1500 words) examining one of the pre-1800 texts we have read and the ways it attempts to address colonial or American fears. Specifically I want you to examine genre or form and the way that it helps the writer explore fear in America. It is not enough for example to list the ways Rowlandson?s Narrative uses the literary conventions of the captivity narrative. Instead your thesis should address the significance of those conventions in Rowlandson?s version of the events particularly in regards to ways she represents the fears of the Massachusetts colony. How to Proceed Following text: Rowlandson?s A Narrative of the Captivity? Your analysis should come from your own close reading of the texts only. While our class discussions of these works will help you in your analysis I expect your paper to be your own unique analysis and not simply a recitation of the class discussions. Keep in mind that your audience is familiar with the works?there is no need to include lengthy summaries of them in your paper. Establishing Your Argument In this essay you will construct an argument. Your initial argument will serve as your thesis of the paper so define it clearly carefully and concisely. Your thesis CANNOT be a summary. For example ?Winthrop stresses the importance of charity in the new colony? is a summary and not considered an argument. Do not simply restate the themes or events in the text?instead an argument expresses your opinion on that subject and provides evidence (in the form of quotations) as support for your point-of-view. Remember your argument/thesis has two parts: subject and significance. The subject is what you are talking about the nuts-and-bolts of the text. In this case your ?what? should address some of the literary conventions or tropes of the text. The significance is the why of your argument. Put another way it answers so what? providing your audience with a reason to care about what you have to say. For this essay your so-what answer will address fears of either the Puritan colonists or members of the Early Republic. Providing Evidence EN 209 ? Fall 2014 You provide support for your argument in the form of quotations from the texts. Do Not simply drop your quote into your essay in the hopes that your audience will understand what you mean to say. Do not assume the quote automatically provides support for your argument; you must provide the link between the text and your argument. Use MLA format for in-text citations i.e. (LastName pg#). You will not need a Works Cited page. Your Final Draft Should: Begin with an interesting and informative title Make a clear and concise claim that addresses both the characteristics or tropes of the text?s form/genre and offers a ?so-what answer? that addresses the topic of fear Provide detailed analysis and close reading of relevant quotes in order to support your thesis Use diction and style appropriate to a formal essay Be between 1000-1250 words. Essays shorter than 950 words will result in a failing grade. Be free of grammatical and mechanical errors double-spaced 12-point font and in MLA format.

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