energy management

*my apartment diagram
– my apartment is1 living room connected with the kitchen – 1bedroom – 1bathroom
and i have 2 windows one in living room and one in bedroom.

*equipment in my house like the
– air conditioner
– Tv
– Fridge
– Microwave
– oven
– Water heater
– dishwasher

The Energy Audit Report Format
Executive Summary
A brief summary of the recommendations and cost savings

Table of Contents Introduction
Purpose of the energy audit
Need for a continuing energy cost control program
Facility Description
Product or service, and materials flow
Size, construction, facility layout, and hours of operation Equipment list, with specifications
Energy Bill Analysis
Utility rate structures
Tables and graphs of energy consumptions and costs Discussion of energy costs and energy bills
Energy Management Opportunities
Listing of potential EMOs Cost and savings analysis Economic evaluation
Energy Action Plan
Recommended EMOs and an implementation schedule
Designation of an energy monitor and ongoing program
Additional comments not otherwise covered


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