Engaging with the text


Please read Rick Bragg’s Memoir, "All Over But the Shoutin’."

,Answer the next four questions fully, making sure to answer all the parts of the questions. Please write full sentences, and explain your answers with details from the reading (minimum 250 words required for this assignment, or one full paragraph for each answer). With each answer, use a reference to the essay as well as a quote from the essay to support your answer.

When quoting from a story, place the title of the story in quotation marks, and use the author’s last name (see below).

In his memoir "All Over but the Shoutin’," Bragg tells us that his father’s gift is, ". . . the only treasure I truly have ever known." Why do you think he says this?
What is the significance of the title in this narrative?
How do you think the author feels about his father? What clues from the narrative support your answer?
What do you think that Bragg wishes his father would have said? What insights are offered by Bragg to tell the reader why his father did not say those things?
You may answer the questions in the text box provided or attach your answer as an uploaded Word document.

The Final Section of this Chapter, "A Brief Guide to Writing Memoirs", will form the basis of your first essay for this class. You will address this topic in your next week’s assignment.


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