Engineering A bone section from a smal animal was subject to a 3 point bending test, and the resulting force vs. elongation data is shown in the excl attached, a bone section dimensions are lenght= 33.46 mm and cross sectional area experiencing the load= 0.106 m2. the mechanical testing was done on an instron test machine with 50 lb load cell, with crosshead speed of 1 mm/min. the ratio of lenght to thickness of sample is 16, as per ASTMD790 TESTIN standers. find
a) plot the stress strain curve from this data
b) identify the nature of material: elastic, plastic, viscoelastic, and disuss you observations.
c) quantify the flexural modulus, flexural stess at break, ultimalte stress experienced by material, yield stress, and toughness of the material.
d) from the data, speculate on the state of the bone, is it fully formed , in the formative stage, dense or amphous.

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