Engineering University

Engineering University expanded recently to include additional buildings, for a total of five buildings. Each building is about 500 meters apart. Previously, these buildings were wired with Category 3 UTP running 10BaseT Ethernet. The IT director mandates that your company be among the first to use 1000Mbps Ethernet to the desktop. Define a comprehensive network architecture that fulfills the director’s requirements and allows for future growth.


Please draw the network diagram in Microsoft Visio for what the future network layout should look like.  Make sure you include a connection to the Internet as well as devices such as routers, switches, printers, cabling, PCs, firewalls, and any other network equipment you may need.  Don’t forget to label each device clearly with a make and model!


Also, you will turn in a 5-7-page APA paper describing your layout, and explaining the reasoning behind your design.  Explain why you chose certain technologies, brands of equipment, and model types.  Although you should plan on future growth, please be mindful of budget, as this is a small business!


To be turned in Week 7on Sunday byMidnight:


  • 2 Visio Diagrams of the future network layout. One of the overview of the network showing the connectivity between the five buildings, and one network diagram of a sample building that meets the new requirements
  • 1 Five to seven page APA paper detailing and explaining your network layout.


Please submit these files via the Structured External Assignment assignment link.


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