ENGLISH 101: Synthesis Using Two Sources

ENGLISH 101: Synthesis Using Two Sources; Length: 750 words Due Date: Desired Learning Outcomes: 1. Formulate an original thesis based on critical reading and understanding of selected texts. 2. Understand and apply the strategies of comparison/contrast (Chapter 34, Norton Field Guide) as ways of organizing and developing ideas.; 3. Use quotations and paraphrases correctly as supporting evidence from the source materials, incorporating tags for voice and the correct punctuation (see Handout and Quick Access Concise, Chapters 34 and 35). NOTE: Quoting and documentation are mandatory for this assignment; if they are lacking, the paper will fail. 4. To focus on paragraph coherence (Quick Access Concise, Chapters 3g and 34g-h) in integrating sources in paragraphs for support. 5. To use the MLA style of parenthetical documentation for quotation and paraphrases. Most handbooks recommend that 10-15% (no more or less) of the word count of the paper should be direct quotation.; ; ASSIGNMENT: For your synthesis essay, which consists of comparing and contrasting information from two sources, choose any two of the sources from chapter 14 in They Say, I Say. (this is not limited to the original four that were assigned).; Review the two structures identified below and make notes on the essays. Look for both similarities and differences, and especially think about a distinctive perspective you can put in your thesis statement. We will practice thesis statements in class after discussing the essays.; The basic patterns of comparison/contrast are called block or parallel structure and point-by-point structure. These structures and a sample paragraph for each are explained in the the Field Guide, pages 308-9. Generic outlines are provided below as well. You will also receive a handout on the thesis for this type of essay.; BLOCK STRUCTURE POINT-BY-POINT STRUCTURE I. Introduction I. Introduction II. All about first essay II. First point about both works A. First point A. Author A’s view B. Second point B. Author B’s view C. Third point III. Second point about both works III. All about second essay A. Author A’s view A. Parallel first point B. Author B’s view B. Parallel second point IV. Third point about both works C. Parallel third point A. Author A’s view IV. Conclusion B. Author B’s view V. Conclusion;

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