1. Identify a major problem rewrite the example below
Example to use: young generation don’t read any more

2. Using the first two stages of the 6-stage thinking framework introduced in Session 2, write down your “problem statement” kindly rewrite the example below

Example: Parents working long hours negativity impact child reading ability
3. Using the fourth stage of the 6-stage thinking framework introduced in Session 2, propose a solution (only one)
Example to use : Nanny agency

4. Develop a mini-case about implementing your solution. In your case you should discuss about:
4.1. Brief presentation of the company
4.2. Intellectual property protection
4.3. Value chain analysis
4.4. Value proposition / Business model
4.4. Source of finance
4.6. Team

Please write a report of Maximum 2000 words. You can base your assignment on the problem/solution discussed in Session 2, or choose a new problem/solution. Please do not choose an already existing solution/case (such as iPhone, Toyota, McDonalds, Starbucks), the originality of your idea will be assessed.


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