Environmental Impacts of Aviation- Critical Review of BAA Heathrow

Format: Essay
Task: Use the environmental reports to discuss how Heathrow Airport (LHR Airports Ltd) has addressed its environmental/sustainability status over the last decade or so.
Environmental reports published by LHR Airports Ltd can be found on their website:
In your report, consider the following (you will need to research beyond the LHR documents to do this).:
 Do the LHR Airports Ltd reports adequately cover all the environmental issues (and solutions) relevant to an airport? How have the issues and solutions changed?
 Are the reports published by LHR Airports Ltd fair assessments, or are they public relations exercises highlighting the ‘good’ and avoiding or minimizing the ‘bad and ugly’
 How might safety issues have affected the ability of Heathrow Airport to improve its environmental status?
 What additional steps could the company take to reduce environmental effects, without grossly affecting profitability and safety?
For those who would like some ideas for assessing Heathrow’s fairness, have a look at the Greenpeace link on Stream. As with any publication, you will need to sort out what is accurate and what may be biased, but this may trigger some ideas to research further. Please note that you do not HAVE to use this resource – it is included to get you thinking from a different perspective.
You may also like to view the 2001/2002 Heathrow Report in Module 8 on Stream to get some ideas of how the focus has changed. Unfortunately, this document does not scan well, so is not essential viewing.
Incite reference after every sentence you reference from.


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