environmental science

AP Environmental Science is a lab based course that is designed to examine ecological, biological, chemical, physical and environmental concepts and interactions. A student of this course should be familiar with local, regional and global concerns within their own environment. The objective of this summer assignment is to get you thinking environmentally and to refresh some math skills.
 Please note that this assignment will be collected for a grade THE SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL.
 You will be uploading your assignment to a post in a Google Classroom I set up strictly for SUMMER WORK.
 THE CODE FOR THE GOOGLE CLASSROOM IS 6owmho. (those are the letter o, not the number zero)

Below are the tasks you should complete this summer.

1 Experience the Natural World
Visit a natural outdoor area, go for a walk, and make some observations. Please go beyond your backyard. Here are some nearby places you could visit (of course, you could go anywhere you like!)
 The following link will take you to the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program website. On the right side, you’ll see a long list of nature preserves and sanctuaries to visit: http://www.brevardcounty.us/EELProgram/Home/
 This link is for all of Brevard County parks. On the left, you’ll see the drop-down option for the parks, and it’s broken-down by areas. Choose the area that is most convenient for you and visit a nature area closer to you! http://www.brevardcounty.us/ParksRecreation/Home
 It might be nice to bring a friend or family member with you – share nature!

 On your walk, please do the following:
 Record the time, date, location, approximate duration of your outing, and whether you went alone or with a friend(s).
 Record brief observations of the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) and the type of path you are walking on (grass, sand, rock, etc). Specific details are not necessary (ex., “I saw two black turtles sunning themselves on a log…”) This should be one paragraph.
 Respond to the following in a brief paragraph: Is this natural area really “natural”? Elaborate on your answer.

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