Equality before the law

In the Thucydides textbook, Pericles’ Funeral Oration (pgs. 39-46), praises Athens and its democracy and contrasts it with Sparta. It is, in other words, a thinly veiled criticism of Sparta. In this assignment you will choose four of the topics below and briefly describe Pericles’ praise of the superiority of the Athenian system and how it is a direct contrast with Sparta. In addition to the Funeral Oration, the sources you should use for this are the D2L reading on Lycurgus, and your lecture notes and the handout on the Spartan government. Your description should be a total of 3-4 paragraphs in length. Example:
In his funeral oration, Pericles states that Athens has a unique form of government ?called a democracy because it is managed not for a few people, but for the majority? (Thucydides 2.37, pg. 40). This is in direct contrast with the Sparta. In the Spartan system, only the minority of the population, those that are actually Spartiates, are allowed to participate in government. The other two classes, the helots and perioikoi, which constitute the majority of the population, have no say in the government. Topics to choose from:
1. Equality before the law (Thucydides pg. 40, section 37)
2. Equality not in regard to birth, but excellence (Thucydides pg. 40, section 37)
3. Freedom (Thucydides pgs. 40-41, section 37)
4. City of Athens = Recreation for minds, cosmopolitan, lovers of beauty without extravagance (Thucydides pg. 41, section 38)
5. City is open to all – not secretive (Thucydides pg. 41, section 39)
6. Security through courage, not secrecy (Thucydides pgs. 41-42, section 39)
7. Wisdom and Restraint (Thucydides pg. 42, section 40)
8. Take council before action (Thucydides pg. 42, section 40)

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