Erikson Project:

Erikson Project: Consult your book and notes regarding Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development. For each stage of development, starting from trust versus mistrust, reflect on your own development and explain how you think you resolved that stage or crisis, as Erikson calls them, and why. When you are addressing the early childhood stages, you may not remember how you and the environment (parents, caregivers) interacted. Based on the theory, and your own understanding of yourself, you can infer how those early crises were resolved. For instance, you can say something like this:
“I think that during the first crisis, I developed trust because my needs were met and my parents were very caring and sensitive to my needs. The reason I say that is because as an adult I have a basic trust in others, I have many and great relationships, I am not anxious in my social interactions, I am confident, etc….” 1st draft is due Oct. 31st and covers the following crises:
trust vs mistrust
autonomy vs shame and doubt
initiative vs guilt About 3 pages – 1 for each crisis (1 in. margins, 12 pt font, double spaced).

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