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Pick a cartoon to analyze from a news magazine such as time, a newspaper, a web comic collection such as xkcd or penny Arcade, or an online archive such as Daryl Cagle’s political cartoon website.
– Audience: who is the audience this comic? how does his address this audience? in what country an d in what historical moment was the cartoon produced? in what type of text did it first appear? A Journal? A newspaper? Online? is this text conservation? liberal? how does it speak to this audience?
– Author: what do you know about the artist? what kind of cartoons (or other type of text) does he or she regularly produce? where does he or she live and publish
– Argument: what issue does the cartoon address and what is the cartoons argument about it? is there irony involved (does the cartoon advocate one point of view)?
– composition: is this political cartoon a single frame or a series of sequential frames? If the latter, how does the argument evolve over the series? How do elements like color choices, layout, and style shape its impact on the audience?
– Imagery: what choice of imagery and content does the artist make? Are the drawings realistic? Do they rely on Caricatures? how are character and setting portrayed? Does the artist include allusions or reference to past or present events or ideas? How do images and words work together in the cartoon?
– Tone: is the cartoon primarily comic or serious in tone? How does this choice of tone create a powerful rhetorical Impact on readers?
– Cultural resonance: Does the cartoon implicitly refer to any actual people, events, or pop culture icons? What sort of symbolism is used in the cartoon? Would the symbols speak to a broad or narrow audience? How does the cultural resonance function as a rhetorical strategy in making the argument?

– Audience and Author (one paragraph)
– Argument (one paragraph)
– composition, Imagery and tone (one paragraph)
– Cultural resonance (one paragraph)

– Post the cartoon in the first page before writing the paragraph.
– write in third person point of view


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