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Writer I have copy and paste you a copy of the letter that has been sent to several different companies and they all kept the money but did not follow the terms and agreement in the letter. Now we desperate need a letter informing another company of these issues that has the power to correct this matter personally or make the agencies do their job.The main purpose of this letter is to inform the commission of the incident and ask him to cor rectify this matter by deleting the item off her report because the company has accepted the terms and must honor the contract fully as they accepted the payment.

Cook Sales Inc
P.O. Box 538389
Atlanta GA 30353-8389

Account #

Dear xxx:

I am sending you $2225.00 for the lease of the storage unit. By accepting the money, you will confirm that it is in agreement with your new terms and conditions. This procedure will result in a binding contract which puts the lease company under the obligations to the terms and conditions of the novation contract. The terms and conditions include:

a)Termination of all previous agreements

b)Acceptance that the debt is ‘paid as agreed’

c)Abdication of any demanded right of adjudication against me

d)Legal duty honoring the agreement and reporting the disputed account to credit reporting agencies
e)Agreement that no collection activity will be taken against me and that any assigners will be notified that the account is to be paid as agreed
f)The agreement that the company will verify in writing under penalty of perjury any amount of debt that I

g)allegedly owe

h)Agreement that their non-adherence to the terms of the novation contract will harm me and cause damages which will make the alleged collector to have liability damages.

My novation contract terminates the legal ground for the leasing company or any collection

agent to disregard my loan and novation contract by my:

a)Determining the loan company’s duties, and those of third party debt collectors to prove under oath the amount of debt claimed as owed by me
b)Clearing any disagreements between your request for proof of any purported debt and all presentations by third parties which contain unproven claims of debt against me
c)Eliminating any conjecture that you intentionally evaded a known debt.

Yours faithfully,


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