Ethics in Digital Content Sharing

Ethics in Digital Content Sharing Project description 12 point Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, 1 inchmargins on allsides. Please cite sources/references properly using any standard referencing style. Understanding Online Piracy and Freedom: An Opinion Piece What the following are: 1) SOPA 2) PIPA 3) Creative Commons. Write a critical opinion piece on the above 3 items discussing the key concepts you have covered in class (Chapter 10) Ethics, Privacy and Security must be included. a. Research credible popular media sources to understand, what are the issues surrounding these, what do the opponents and proponents say and what is the status-quo on them and where is your stand in these issues. b. No Wikipedia sources and wont be accepted as valid reference in your essay. Some good sources are Op-eds in New York Times; NPR news reports/interviews or other academic journals/articles.

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