Ethics Personal Statement

Introduction:  In this project we ask you to reflect on what ethics means to you personally.  It is critical that you use numerous personal examples from your “actual” life and NOT someone else’s ideas from the web. This project is graded based on you giving an honest assessment of what you think about ethics by reflecting on the questions below.  As you write don’t worry about an answer you think your professor would like. Take responsibility and give a truthful response to the questions. If your paper is 100% positive about ethics or 100% negative about ethics that content will NOT impact your grade. Support with examples what you share.  Note:  You are NOT required to do any research for this paper.  Sit down and start writing what is true for you.


Personal Statement Paper Content Guidelines:  Your paper should be divided into 5 paragraphs beginning with the BOLD headings below, responding to the following elements:


Introduction:  Short paragraph introducing what this paper is about.


  1. Personal:  Define ethics in your own words, explain your personal perspective about ethics, where you’re ethical views originated and why ethics is, or is not, important to you (please use examples from your personal life to explain your position).


  1. Career: Now that you have considered ethics personally, please address how you see ethics applied in corporate or other work settings and discuss why you believe this is important, or not important to your career. Give examples from your personal experience or knowledge of companies and their ethics protocols (including any work or non-work experiences).


  1. Society: The last question we ask you to reflect on how ethics is applied across society.  Talk about the importance, or lack of ethics in the global world. Give examples from your personal experience that would reflect your point of view. If you can relate this to your home country even better.


Conclusion:  Short paragraph tying the three questions together with any conclusions you believe others would find helpful in understanding this subject.



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