Evolution of birds

term paper content:
The report is to be a review of the scientific literature from scientific books and
journals on the assigned topic.
The report should begin with a general introduction to the subject of your paper.
The body of the paper should describe in detail as many aspects of the subject that you desire. You might, for example, take one subtopic and describe it in great detail, or you might want to describe several different subtopics in less detail. The choice is yours.
The report should end with a conclusion –summary sentence or paragraph.
Criticisms and controversies in the subject should be discussed, but do not include non-scientifically based arguments in the report.

term paper Format:
The report must be a 5 pages of single-spaced text not including the reference list or any included figures.The text of your report must be using a single spaced12-point Arial or Times font, 1 inch (2.5 cm) top and bottom margins, 1.25 inch (3.1 cm) left and right margins.
The report must contain at least 10 references that must be listed at the end of the report. Each reference should be referred to in the text with a number in
The reference list does not count for text page minimums. At least 90% of the references (greater or equal to 9references) must be scientific journal articles or nonfiction book references.
*Peer-reviewed science journals or books accessed online are fine.
*Less than 10% of the references should be web references that are not peer-
reviewed, scientific journals or nonfiction book references
*The required textbook for this course does not count as one of the 10 references.
*Web references are defined here as references that are not scientific journals or nonfiction books that have been found on the web (i.e. Wikipedia, blogs, etc.)p(5s)

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